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Pocket Money

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Select a kid, select the month. Done. No password needed, but still safe against tampering due to a log file.Who doesn't know this... you forgot to pay the pocket money in time again. Now your kids are sad and you feel bad could use the Pocket Money App! It helps Parents and Grandparents keep track of pending payments or already paid dates.Just create a new entry, choose if you want to pay monthly or weekly and set the amount to pay.Now you can mark the payment as done or undo it by just clicking on the corresponding date. Conveniently the entry overview directly shows you with a check mark next to the name if you already paid for the current date. Thanks to that, you can directly see who didn't get his money this month!You sometimes pay your kids money between the pocket money payments? No problem! The App has an One-Time Payment feature. Just enter the amount and it will calculate the dates paid. NEW: The app can now also keep this extra-payment separate and just add it to the total sum paid.If you should forget the Payment, the app will send you an notification.Also included are suggestions for the amount and usage of the pocket money. Changes will be saved in a log, so that you can always see if one of your kids changed one of the entries. Security without the pain of a password!